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The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) is the comprehensive technical assistance (TA) provider for the Office on Violence Against Women’s (OVW) Training and Technical Assistance Initiative. OVW’s Initiative plays a critical role in providing OVW grantees with the training, expertise, and problem-solving strategies they need to meet the challenges in addressing domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, and abuse in later life in their communities. In order to meet these needs, OVW’s Training and Technical Assistance Initiative and its TA providers must work together to continually enhance the existing and changing landscape of training and TA.

NCJFCJ’s Technical Assistance to Technical Assistance Providers Project (TA2TA) fosters opportunities for TA providers to increase their capacity to meet and address the needs of OVW grantees. TA2TA providers an infrastructure for TA providers to deliver and implement their projects in a coordinated and cost-effective way, facilitates collaborative linkages within the TA provider community, offers peer-to-peer information and learning exchanges among TA providers, and hosts an online resource center,

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TA2TA supports TA providers with the delivery and implementation of their TA projects, connects the TA provider community, and hosts, an online resource center of OVW-sponsored training and TA events, OVW-support resources and resources specific to TA providers, and a directory of OVW TA providers and projects. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is the Program Manager of the TA2TA Project at NCJFCJ.

OVW and TA2TA, as the comprehensive TA provider for OVW’s Training and Technical Assistance Initiative, provide both virtual and in-person new TA provider orientations. These orientations provide an introduction to OVW, grant management, including financial management, and resources specifically for TA providers. For both types of orientations, OVW program specialists and staff and TA2TA staff are available to answer questions you may have.

Through the TA2TA website, you can request meeting, roundtable, and webinar services from TA2TA; upload training and TA events and written products and resources to comply with award special conditions; access newsletters and webinars specifically for TA providers; and create or update your TA2TA Directory listing with your organization point of contact and project information.

In addition to NCJFCJ, other OVW TA providers that collaborate with TA2TA and OVW on this project include Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence, Futures Without Violence, Vera Institute of Justice, and Violence Against Women Act Measuring Effectiveness Initiative. These partners provide resources developed to help TA providers implement their projects and to support their provision of training and TA to the OVW grantees they serve.